”You know it’s interesting, that people associate, if you happen to have blonde hair, naturally or not naturally, or if you’re out of shape some way, then you’re absolutely dumb, you’re considered dumb. And I don’t know why that is. It’s a very limited view.”

Marilyn Monroe, 1955 Radio Interview with Dave Garroway

I’ve thought about this many times in my life… why and how did this idea of being dumb and ditzy get intertwined so closely with a hair color? Bleach may sting your scalp a little, but it doesn’t kill brain cells. And if you’re a natural blonde (and only 2% of people actually are natural) how would this tiny DNA change affect your mental capacity?

Research brought me to Paris, 1775 and a woman called Rosalie Duthé who seems to be the first officially recorded “dumb blonde.” Her performance in a one-act satire called Les Curiosités de la Foire awarded her this label. Flashing forward to 1949 and Lorelei Lee was born to the stage. When Marilyn starred in the 1955 movie with Jane Russell it further cemented this idea of a dumb blonde and tainted the future of her career.

Hollywood and fans alike would furthermore associate her name with dumb. She may not have had the best education, but this woman was not a fool.

Like most Caucasian children, I was born with blonde locks and they started to fade the older I got. However bleach, and hair salons have been a pretty constant part of my life. My mum has been bleaching her hair since I can remember, and I’m sure this had an impact on me.

I’ve been all shades of blonde, including some strong strawberry after home kits highlighting the natural red tones in my hair!! I spent my late teens and early 20’s brunette; it made sense financially, because blonde + London salon’s = my monthly pay check & brunette meant £12 and two home kits from Boots (for my American’s: think CVS.)

But it wasn’t until I moved to New York and was blessed with my beautiful Hairdresser Katy that I finally got the platinum locks I had been wishing for since I was a teen. Finding someone with the talent, that you can trust with a hairCUT is hard, but with color; it’s a risky game. I won’t let anyone that Katy has not recommended touch my hair. She really is a Blonde’s Best Friend.

If you are looking for a great Salon in New York City, The Mark Ryan Salon on W20th is my home base!

And Norma Jean’s long curly brunette locks went on a wild journey. Click the image below for a fantastic article about the history of her hair (and inspired me for this week’s moment.)

Yesterday It was time to get a root refresh. Salon days bring me so much joy. It’s time I get to relax and escape from the lists, hustle and madness of normal life. Alex, who has been in charge of my hair for the last 6 months did another excellent job, and I left feeling unstoppable. I wanted to see what photos I could find of Marilyn in the Salon;

I don’t have a team at my beck and call, and I would only let a professional color my hair, but when it comes to that 50’s styling… I think I’ve got it down!

I’ve done a tutorial on this style before (click here) and the following are a must if you want to achieve this Monroe Do;

3/4 or 1 inch Hair Curler – I use the Hoson 3/4 Curlers

Duckbill Clips

Denman Brush is a MUST!!

And Hairspray! My two top choices are L’Oréal Elnett & L’Oréal Lock It Weather Control (I will always use this if I’m going outside and need my style to hold.)

PS. This is not a sponsored post, WHATSOEVER! But L’Oréal, Denman… I would happily work with you!

So the moral of the story is…

The only impact Blonde will have on you, is the dent it makes to your bank account every 6-8 weeks!

Stay well Beauties


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