Dreaming about being an actress is more exciting than being one

Marilyn Monroe

Hi Beauties! It’s been a moment (excuse the pun!)

Life has truly been a whirlwind and I been fighting with inner saboteurs who made me question the quality of my words and second guessing my confidence. So I’ve been sat at the struggle bus stop for quite some time.

But outside of this creative venture, my personal life has been filled with some wins (big and small!)

Burnout is incredibly real, and feels impossible to avoid when paired with a metropolitan city and a career that asks everything from you, with little return. I can’t even comprehend the overwhelming feeling that Marilyn must have encountered most of her career.

All that being said there is still nothing more I’d rather do with my life!

I think dreaming and being an actress are simply two different types of exciting.

If you are involved within the entertainment industry you’ll understand the feeling oh too well when an outsider (I like to call them muggles) talks with rose tinted frames about how wonderful and thrilling being a actress/actor/creative/crew human must be!

And of course it is exactly what they think (most of the time) when you are booked. But the uncertainty between those contracts comes with its own unique thrill. Auditioning is the name of the game. Putting on various hats and waiting to see which one is the right fit.

It’s been a few months of logistics. Securing my visa, moving, unpacking, and of course audition season. Doors have been opening, and the itch is return. Not the seven year type…But the ready to get back to work type.

I have so many ideas for Monroe Moments and hopefully will share some new creative strokes soon! However I’ve had to be a sensible adult and ensure the foundations of life are secure.

Throwing it back to todays moment . A dressing room is where the magic happens. I love adding pictures and trinkets to my little station. Pieces that bring a smile to my face and joy to my soul!

It feels like yesterday since I shot these images with fellow cast member and photographer Mark Bradley-Miller whilst we were down in Hilton Head performing in Kinky Boots.

Inspired by the 1954 photos of Marilyn by Sam Shaw.

I have struggled to find more context behind these photos. What was she preparing for? Who was she about to spend time with? Business? Leisure? Regardless, she looks effortlessly beautiful!

Riding the wave between jobs may not be stereotypical high level glamour, but it keeps me on my toes, excited and ready to unpack at the next dressing table.

Til the next time,

S x

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