This article is taken from Life Magazine April 20th, 1959. Just a few weeks after the release of Some Like It Hot, regardless of the troubles it took to film, Marilyn had once again, made a hit!

The image on the left is, Billy Wilder directing Marilyn in her opening moment.

Not that Monroe really needed a note on how to move her body. Her swaying hips had been helping her since the start, when she sashayed her way out of the Marx Brothers office in Love Happy. 10 years later, she knew how to flip the switch and become the symbol that Marilyn Monroe represented.

She may have been the covergirl, and adored by millions, but unfortunately Wilder found the whole process very difficult. Not only was she showing up hours late, but taking anywhere up to 40 takes for one line. It was draining on her fellow co-stars, but during this time she must have been exhausted herself.

What’s in a name? More what’s in a walk? It’s crazy to think that society has conditioned us to think that hips swaying, and legs crossing is attractive. But we all know that sex sells, and Marilyn has never been afraid of her body on or off screen.

A modern day Monroe would choose wisely when to strut around New York alone in her Sunday best. Which is exactly the tale of this weeks Moment.

After a quick change of location, my hair was pinned and ready to rock a cloche hat in Grand Central Station. Usually jam-packed with people (cue another hundred people) GCS felt almost… empty.

Even with the lack of people, I was not about to walk through the main hall looking like I had just stepped off-set for a 1920’s silent movie. Although in reality, everyone that passed me on the station platform, looked with what I can only hope was a smile under their mask.

Orr-Kelly was brought on as the costume designer after stock costumes, especially for Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis were not going to cut it! I love the drama that exudes from this look. And maybe gave the Schitts Creek team some inspiration for a Moira Rose OOTD?! Feathers, fur and vintage trunks … this screams money.

But when you’re an unemployed actress on a limited budget; you have to get creative.

And I’m sure you’re thinking the obvious choice is to order a black feather boa, and tie it around the bottom of a pencil skirt!! Well this is exactly what I did, and it saved time, money and stress. Oh, and it also helped me feel that Marilyn walk… I could barely stretch my legs, and automatically had me wiggling.

A black Zara shirt dress, tucked into the pencil skirt with a borrowed fur finished the main look. A few peacock feathers, a cloche hat and a violin case later and I’m proud of what came together!

There’s so much to say about Some Like It Hot, so I’m sure I’ll revisit at some point. But if you have never watched this comedy classic; it’s free on Amazon Prime and 100% worth a watch.

Fun Fact: Filming in black and white was a conscious choice. The make-up used on Lemon and Curtis made them look ghoulish in color, and Monroe was completely against filming in B&W until she also saw both men filmed in color. It was not going to work any other way. I personally think it adds a little pizazz too!

That’s it for this weeks Moment

I challenge you to throw on a song you love and let those hips swing!

Stay well Beauties,


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