Hi! I’m Sammi. Born in small town Britain, Lived in London but now in New York. Ever since I was little, I’ve been an old soul. I adore old movies, classic fashion and music! Marilyn Monroe has been an inspiration since I can remember and the 1950’s styling has always left a lasting impression on me.

I am primarily a musical theater actress, with dreams of Broadway, but when I’m not being a Broadway Baby you’ll likely find me working out, or dressed up with a Prosecco in my hand.

2020 gave me the gift of time (and sleep.) Being a stage actress meant intermission was extended for the foreseeable future, and forced me to channel my creativity in a different way. I started posting a few photos of Marilyn looks and was overwhelmed with the response. Within a few weeks these looks evolved into Monroe Moments and I haven’t looked back.

My goal isn’t to become a Marilyn impersonator, (no one can truly live up to the icon she was) but would I say no to playing make-believe once in a while? Of course not. Are Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Bombshell on my dream-role list. 100%. But until then, I’ll be sharing a weekly post focusing on a moment of this Blonde Bombshell’s legacy.

I hope you enjoy the recreations of the incredible outfits she wore, and maybe even learn something new about one of Hollywood’s most Iconic stars.