Hold The Benches It’s Marilyn!

April is here and it’s time to play ball...

In the UK we don’t really play baseball, we have our own version… Rounders. A game very similar, that has been played since the Tudor times, and according to the BBC, is “undoubtedly the inspiration behind baseball.” (Don’t shoot the messenger!)

I didn’t grow up in a religiously sporty house, I only supported a football team because my best friend did. But I’ve never watched a game on TV, let alone sat in a stadium. Although in high school I couldn’t resist joining the Rounders and Netball teams … but let’s tackle one British sport at a a time. Being left-handed with a good swing really made me the teams lucky gem! I have so many fond memories of traveling the county in the school mini-van with some of my best friends, sweating and smiling the summer months away!

Go Catch The MET’s/NY Yankee’s is on pretty much every ‘Bucket List’ and TimeOut page for New York. But even after all my trips and moving here, It wasn’t until spring 2017 that I went to my first Baseball game! The Yankee Stadium felt overwhelmingly big, with an energy that would sky rocket your levels of dopamine! I then understood the fuss that sports people made over watching a game live. It was thrilling and the match hadn’t even begun. The smell of beer and hot-dogs was ripe, regardless of the team you were there to support people were smiling and in good spirits. And to top it off, I was having a sugar rush from the eye candy on and off the pitch!!

I had no idea who I was cheering for throughout, but overall it was such a fun day! Thank you Emily for being such a great NY Buddy!

So as it is the first Moment of April, I thought it would be a fitting way to celebrate the start of the season.

Even if your Marilyn knowledge is slim, I’m sure you know she was married to Baseball’s Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio. I knew there would be a ton of photos to draw inspiration from.

Taken in 1952 at an Out Of The World Series charity game, it’s fun to see Marilyn photos featuring Baseball that aren’t centered around DiMaggio. And even though this match took place in September of 52’ and it’s only April now … it gives me the excuse to revisit them in the future. Plus you’re a slugger if you think this is the only Baseball themed moment.

Thank you to RetroStage for this beautiful Monroe-worthy Red dress! It was the perfect get up for this Baseball themed shoot. It may not be a perfect match, but gives a great nod to these pictures, and one of my favorite numbers in Bombshell/Smash … The National Pastime.

If you’re a Vintage Vixen, or just love this dress you can shop at Retro Stage and get 15% off your order with my code sammi15

We shot at sunset on one of the many BB fields in Central Park. Shout out to Cal for being the stand in Ralph Edwards, and Mary and Patrick for being part of my team that day!

Yes you may recognize Cal from his candid in my Subway Scene shot back in September. Even though I had acknowledged it was my friend, it amazed me how many people thought he was a stranger on the streets of New York that just happened to catch a glimpse. Well he’s made a return folks! And doesn’t he look dashing in this suit!!!!

To top this fun all off, who remembers collecting cards? Whether it be Pokémon, Broadway or Baseball trading, cards are still popular to this day. So I gasped when Patrick sent me this little creation;

What would you trade for this limited edition? *wink wink !

Now I just need someone to Take Me Out To The Ball Game this year!

Stay well beauties,


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