If googled, you’ll see the words ”… a larger-than-life symbol of the entertainment business…” and boy isn’t it just?! The epitome of celebrity, glamour and fame since the early 1900’s, Los Angeles seems to draw everybody in. Especially the young and hopeful.

Well it’s been a moment since I wrote! I haven’t (yet) been swept up into Hollywood, but I have been lucky enough to call myself a working actress for the past 6 months. And on the back end of a global pandemic; I’ve considered that quite a success!

I landed back in New York and the first point of call had to be my hairdresser! I’m sure we can all relate to the high of going to a salon. I leave feeling completely rejuvenated, and an air of sky-high confidence. With fresh blonde locks, I wanted to commit to a new Monroe Moment, and get some creative juices flowing for upcoming recreations.

I came across this ‘Movie Show’ magazine cover from November 1955.

I knew I could pull this look together pretty quickly thanks to spare fabric from my Little Rock moment earlier this year, and an actors trusty friend … the green/blue backdrop. But what really drew me to this cover was the title related to Marilyn.

”What Hollywood Did To Marilyn Monroe”

I could write a whole book on what Hollywood did, because they used and abused her from start to finish… and even after that!

1955 was a pretty pivotal year for Ms. Monroe. Finally taking a leap of faith, she had launched her own production company, moved to New York to study under Strasberg and started dating Arthur Miller. The attempt to cut the toxic relationship with Hollywood seemed concrete. After years of being mis-treated by the studios (lack of pay, ignoring her artistic voice, not taking her seriously) it was obvious to everyone (including Monroe) they only really wanted her beauty. Her Body. Because it made them money.

Huh, even in 2021, it seems some things never change…

I digress, I would love to read the original article to see what side was conveyed. I’m sure talk of her leaving for New York and creating her own production company was hot. 1955 also brought the release of The Seven Year Itch so even if the big shots at the studios were frustrated with her, Hollywood could, and never would let her go.

They created a star, but never truly treated her as one.

I’ve only been to ‘The City of Angels’ once. It felt magical, I was star struck by the surface glitz and glam, but my gut tells me I am a New York kinda gal.

But hey, if they came calling… I don’t think anyone could turn it down!

And Marilyn herself had a lot to say about Hollywood. I’ll leave you with one famous quote:

“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.”

Marilyn Monroe

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