Is there a place where you live that you visit frequently? Or that you just adore?

I am overwhelmed with choice living in Manhattan, but I do admit Fifth Avenue is a stretch of concrete I regularly walk. There’s something some timeless about it; walking past the stores packed with designer items people dream of owning, grabbing a $1.50 croissant and having a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ moment. To the high street stores where the majority of us shop and in the midst of the city high rises, the slightly out-of-place but breath takingly beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

It’s an area of New York that always makes me feel like I’m in a movie. Even If I’m not spending a dime, It can still lift my spirits. (Except when it’s reviving up to the Holiday season. The sidewalks may be wide, but never wide enough for the amount of people stocking up on gifts.)

Back in January 1955, Marilyn decided to make the move to Manhattan after spending some time in CT with photographer, friend and soon to be business partner, Milton and his wife Amy Greene.

She moved into a suite at The Gladstone Hotel (East 52nd, which is no longer there!) The hustle and bustle of NYC didn’t camouflage her from everyone. When a Bronx teenager heard she had moved into town, he decided to skip school to catch glimpses of her at the hotel.

Peter Mangone spent weeks playing truant to wait outside in the bitter winter months, with his camera and a hope. No only did he manage to get an autograph, Marilyn noticed he wasn’t a first timer.

“You were here yesterday. You had a red tie on. Weren’t you cold?”

She invited him to join her shopping one day on Fifth, and he captured film that really shows us a Marilyn, seeming somewhat relaxed, playful and genuinely happy.

Years later, after Peter thought the tape was long gone, his brother discovered many old collections of film, including that magical afternoon. You can watch the tape, and interview here;

Her hair styled, yet looks a few days worn. Her face isn’t bare but made up naturally. She looks effortlessly radiant and this was a moment I had to give a go…

With bystanders in their masks, layer upon layer and warm coats, I’m sure I was a sight. I felt like I had warped back to the 50’s and my soul was smiling.

This is now the movie in my mind (that ones for you theater kids!) that will play every time I strut down fifth.

If you can, walk around your favorite place today; or just get outside for some fresh O2, I know its cold, but do this for me. Wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks, load some lipstick on (even if it will be hidden under your mask) spitz some perfume and go W A L K!

Spice up for Tuesday, and the monotonous chapter that we are all preserving through.

Who ever said you need an occasion to dress up!

Tag me in your glam-walk photos on IG #MonroeMoments

Stay well beauties!


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