Aren’t birthdays strange? The older I get, the less I want to celebrate. And being a summer baby, I was used to having quiet parties.

These photos were taken on Marilyn’s 30th, on her way to New York … Reporters had surprised her with a cake!

I know I’m a slight oddball, but I must admit, I am not a fan of cake. Spongy texture and overly sweet icing just isn’t it for me. It’s such an odd tradition to have a cake, and blow out a candle. But every year, I do it. And “let them eat cake.”

The cast I’m working with now remembered I’m not a cake girl: but my sweet friend Caroline still brought me a little one (because it looked cute!) She’s a legend (for many reasons) but it also came in handy for this weeks moment!

Oh and her car also came in handy to get the same feel. Note to self: shooting in a car, at midday in the peak of summer requires A/C!!

My hair really didn’t want to cooperate with me. I think it needed a few more days wear for some added grease to help the slight slick back look. Had I felt slightly more human the morning after my birthday, I think the post party hair would have killed.

30 feels so far away as a teenager. The longing for responsibility, to be a “grown up” and then when it finally hits, you still don’t feel there. At least I don’t. The comparison game is HARD, but I know even if I was ready, I don’t want the house or children yet.

With life starting to resume; I really wish everyone fabulous birthdays and celebrations with their loved ones.

Thank you for my wishes!

(here’s to another trip around the sun)


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