Anyone would think 3 hours in the bath is an outrageous amount of time.
(However I’m sure our screen time reports would argue the same for scrolling on social. It’s okay we are all guilty of it.)

This weeks Moment is all about self-care. Marilyn had once told actress Renée Taylor, her skin glowed because of her morning routine.

“I rub my entire body down with Vaseline then get into a three-hour hot bath.”

Sleep aside, it’s no surprise she was never on time.

Soaking for that long would surely shrivel your skin, but that factor is only skin-deep.
(What an attempt on a dad joke?!)
A bath to me symbolizes solitude, relaxation, and self-care.
I try to bathe at least twice a week. It’s time that I cannot be on my phone because I always get too scared I will drop it in, but I can focus on my own company, listen to music and allow my body to rejuvenate. I guess, she too, must have felt a peace and connection between mind, body, soul and water.

I was fortunate to recently have a mini escape to a beautiful house with a stand alone bath. At first glance, I honestly nearly cried. I knew this would be a daily event. And boy, it was! After the second or third tub of bubbles, my mind replayed a scene from The Seven Year Itch.

“Thank goodness there was a phone in the bathroom” Marilyn’s character the girl exclaims to her neighbor Richard. She is describing the scene picture above, when she tries to sleep in a cold water tub to escape the New York Summer Heat (I can assure you I have done that more than once too!) the faucet is dripping, which was keeping her awake, so she sticks her toe in there, and it ends up getting stuck! Thankfully the phone in the bathroom, meant she was only a reach, and a call, away from being saved by the Plumber.

I digress, one iphone in the bathroom later;

Fun fact; this scene in the movie was slightly cut due to censorship at the time. You can watch both here;

It’s truly remarkable what warm water, and bubbles can do for you. And with the year we’ve all had; prioritizing time for your self should be a goal for everyone in 2021. Even if you cannot spend an extravagant 3 hours like Ms.Monroe, you can, and deserve at least 30 minutes a day.

Of course there are so many different ways to practice self-care. But soaking in warm water, will always improve my mood. & here are my top 5 favorites to add to the tub:

Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt & Soothe Lavender Bath Foam

Johnson’s Bedtime Bubbles

The Lush Butterball

The Lush Frozen Bubble Bar

Kiehl’s Lavendar Foaming-Relaxing Bath

I’d love to hear ways you pamper yourself.

See you next week beauties!


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