As Gershwin wrote, and the livin’ is easy. Let’s rewind to 1957 and Marilyn was in desperate need of something easy. Her marriage to Miller, sadly tainted after the troubles in London whilst filming The Prince and The Showgirl began to look up as Marilyn found out she was pregnant! Longing to have a child and be the mother she never had was a lifelong wish. Even though her feelings toward Arthur would never be the same, she felt renewed knowing she would have someone to unconditionally love and care for.

The Millers spent a lot of that summer away in their Roxbury, CT home: hoping to obtain a sense of normalcy. Photographer Sam Shaw took many photos of Marilyn over the years a long with this series in a beautiful lace dress.

Carefree, Child-like playfulness and Charming as ever. Having the physical space to let your guard down, and hang MM in the closet for a while must have felt refreshing.

It’s heartbreaking to know that August, the same summer as these happy photos were taken she would suffer a miscarriage. Another hard blow for an already very fragile Marilyn. When you learn about the story of her life; it’s remarkable she made it to 36. She truly was a warrior, battling demons and mental health for most of her adult life.

My summer has been spent in Maine, fortunately working but with a lot of free time. It goes without saying nature is beautiful, and going to sleep at night without hearing neighbors party, and sirens blare outside my window is a plus, but I do miss my crazy city.

This weeks moment deemed necessary to capture a sense of space, and freedom. But we cannot forget another beautiful outfit, and I have my incredible mother to thank for this recreation!

It’s such a simple but classic design. I love a calf length dress and the lace overlay makes my souls smile!!! Mom: you are so clever. THANK YOU for helping me (again!)

ps. Did I drive numerous times around the golf course to find a quiet area to shoot? Absolutely! Did I almost get caught in a few golfers games … maybe!

At the end of the summer Monroe and Miller returned to New York. And in less than two weeks I’ll be making a pit stop home to my Manhattan zip code for a whirlwind, needed weekend.

As the summer wraps up, I hope everyone catches a bit more sunshine, and a moment to relax somewhere green!


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