Costume fittings are always a highlight of a contract. Getting to try on designs and outfits that have been pulled and styled for the character you are bringing to life is truly thrilling. I’m currently In rehearsals myself, and have already had a preview of some of the looks!

Cut back to June 8th 1953 and Marilyn was having a costume test for “The River of No Return.”

Marilyn with long hair!? As much as her short hair is iconic, the long wavy locks had to become a moment at some point! Some people can truly rock any style, and this woman is 100% of of them!

It’s no surprise that Travilla was once again the costume designer. But Monroe’s role for this movie required a lot less glitz and glam. Set in the pacific mid-west this film gives me major cowboy and western vibes. However it’s nice to see her dive deep into a character that isn’t two dimensional. If only the studios had allowed her to continue working on diverse material… her love for performing might have changed her story.

After a thrift around, and hair extension that Tik Tok won’t stop raving about for $12.99, I had everything to try out this moment.

I’m sure most women will have been through a period of hair extensions: Remember that early 2000’s phase where big, long hair was totally in… ? Even though I spent most of my life with super long hair (oh and it’s definitely not shy of volume) I still glued extensions to my scalp, and felt right on trend. My hair has been short for the past 5 years, and I’ve never regretted the cut, but it was fun to feel like Rapunzel for a night.

Fun fact… Marilyn actually learnt the guitar for this role. Which is no easy task. And even though it’s one of her more serious roles, there was still opportunity to squeeze a couple of songs in.

Are you a short or long hair kinda person? Both are no doubt beautiful, but I love the time it saves me washing, drying and styling my shorter cut.

& if you want to join in the extension trend, you can find the TT recommended ones here;

Stay well Beauties!