A time to practice, but also to experiment, fail, play and learn. And I’m sure if you work within the arts; you are beyond excited to return to work.

It’s been a long Intermission, but I’m grateful to be working again from June. Telling stories … for an live audience!? No Zoom of Wifi needed!? It almost feels too good to be true.

Flashback to May 18th, 1962, and Marilyn was in rehearsal for one of her most iconic performances. JFK’s birthday gala, and that infamous rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Nerves and self-doubt were frequent friends, so I can only imagine how much anxiety lingered over this event. Her relationship with JFK has been gossiped, exaggerated and twisted through the years. I’m sure the majority will never really know how intertwined their lives were. Romance aside, he was the president, and this simple song needed to be anything but!

Marilyn would venture around New York wearing a headscarf and sunglasses as a disguise. In Susan Strasberg’s book Marilyn & Me she recounts many times that they would be out in the city, and MM would ask her “would you like to see her?” She would continue to remove the scarf, and slightly adjust her walk and POW, heads turned, and crowds would gather. (Could it be so easy to camouflage in 2021?)

From the images, and understanding of her fashion in the early 60’s, this top is probably Pucci. She became a huge fan by the late 50’s, and you’ll see many pictures of her in this boat neck style top. Paired with a pair of white slacks and nude heels, it really is a classic look that could still easily be worn today.

After a quick trip to Target, and a orange top in hand, the moment was ready to go.

Even though I don’t get into a rehearsal room for another 12 days, private rehearsals are already well in swing!

The news of Broadway reopening in the fall fills me with joy and anticipation. There is still so much to be done, and I’m not really referring to the pandemic. Yes, I urge you to get vaxxed (if you haven’t already.) I urge you to still wear a mask in busy public areas. But the work that needs to be done is within the arts community … well and society in general.

I don’t have all the answers, I acknowledge/understand my privilege & I’m actively educating myself to do, be and support better. But the arts must elevate. It needs to be more inclusive, and respectful for everyone working, and those who are striving to. So every rehearsal room feels as safe, and fun as can be!

Stay well Beauties!


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