“Marilyn Monroe is over at the Astor Theater!”

Not just over at, but as an Usherette for the premiere of East Of Eden.

Ahhh premiere’s, live events, gatherings, how I miss you! The excuse to buy something pretty, sip champagne and enjoy entertainment in the company of old and new friends. I frequently reminisce on my last night of fun. Sitting in the Al Hirschfeld, with a dear friend watching the cast of Moulin Rouge deliver like no cast I’ve seen on Broadway in years! On a complete side note; everyone must experience Moulin Rouge. It was electric every time I watched pre-March 2020, and I wish there was a word grand enough to describe how electrifying it will be when theaters make a return.

It feels like a lifetime ago since we could have experiences like that. I hope you smile thinking of times before and look forward to the sheer excitement and exuberance that will surround everything post-pandemic.

Today, you will have to enjoy the nostalgia of Manhattan, March 9th, 1955. East of Eden was James Dean’s first major film, but the announcement that Marilyn would be ushering at the premiere gave the night all the press it needed, and more. Monroe regularly became the feature, even if she wasn’t top billing!

But in an off-white Brocade, silhouette magnifying, mermaid dress, I am not surprised crowds amassed in and outside the Astor. Fun fact the Astor Theater is now part of the Marquis (read about it herehttp://cinematreasures.org/theaters/518)

From red carpet videos it’s obvious fellow stars were thrilled and excitedly scanning the room to catch a glance of another jaw-dropping look! I mean, can you imagine hearing “Enjoy the Movie”and being handed a program by this goddess?! But it’s clear this wasn’t a move for publicity, that already came without any prompts. She was just a social butterfly seeking real connection. And from images, you can see the genuine happiness she must have felt that night.

That dress! I’m almost certain this was a one of kind, custom made. Because with her incredible 36, 23, 36 measurements, that dress wasn’t a stock size. I’ve read many times that Marilyn was often sewn into her dresses to emphasize her incredible hourglass figure. And this week taught me just that…

The encore to the sewing machine began! Recreating this was a look that thrifting and online shopping wouldn’t suffice. (The Garment District is quickly becoming part of my weekly routine.) Even though I may not be the fanciest of seamstresses, I’ll get by with a little help from a pattern. After adapting a previous 1950’s pattern I had, I took a gamble free-styling the mermaid tail. And I’m not mad with the result!

I felt like I had sewn myself into the dress. I can’t imagine enjoying a glass of anything in this, but I did enjoy dancing in my room, feeling pretty proud of what I had achieved with $22 worth of fabric.

All dressed up and nowhere to go has never felt more accurate.

Spring is starting to show herself and the idea of not having to leave the apartment each day looking like I’m prepped for the Arctic thrills me!! I hope you are filling Pinterest boards with beautiful clothes you are going to wear in the near future. We all deserve it!

Stay Well Beauties! 


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