Today’s post is dedicated to the magic that is Red Lipstick! It may have been a trademark for Marilyn, but rouge had been worn on lips for centuries. Although until the early 20th century it was usually associated with the devil, or unrefined, suspect women. (Of course?!)

Opinions began to change in 1912 with the Suffragette movement… It’s incredible how upset she patriarchy found a bold lip?!

I don’t think you would have guessed that Marilyn’s make-up artist was in fact a man. Allan (commonly known as Whitey) Snyder would create, develop and continue as Monroe’s personal Make-Up artist from her first screen test to her final goodbye.

Over the years many secrets have been revealed, discovered and experimented. But Whitey will be the only one to truly transform a Norma Jeane into MM. And when it came to her lipstick, it wasn’t a quick coat, blot and voila!

5 different shades of red lipstick were used to contour and add dimension. With added white creme in between layers, highlight and a gloss in the center to finish her signature pout. This would give the illusion of a fuller lip, and only added to the Old Hollywood Glam that I adore!

I personally think anyone and everyone suits, and should own a red lipstick. There are so many amazing brands that have different tones and finishes; there is a perfect red for us all!

I have a whole drawer dedicated to lips, and almost 30 different red’s, but if you’re looking for a few classics that will give you a 1950’s bombshell feeling… Here are some of my MUSTS:


Always a staple and reliable lip! Bold, Long lasting & super matte. My three faves are MAC Ruby Woo, Russian Red and Chili ($19 each.)


New to my collection, but My Own Boss is really is a red gloss of dreams! It isn’t gloopy, I’ve yet to test the 16 hour stay, but I have a feeling it won’t be budging on top of one of my lipsticks anyway! Oh and it’s super affordable ($8.99)

KVD Beauty

The Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are really just that. It glides on, with amazing pigment and sets to a beautiful matte. I’ve had mine for such a long time and the quality has yet to plummet. Try Outlaw ($21)


Currently on sale for only $7 !! Great retro matte feel and super easy to carry around in a tiny purse! I use the MADAMN (which seems to be sold out right now, but keep checking!)

Bésame Cosmetics

Okay now this one is for the true Marilyn Red fans. Bésame are creating additional lines of make-up dedicated to Iconic Women and have recently released a set for Marilyn. This Red Hot Red lipstick is based on the actual formula she wore during “Some Like It Hot.” I can honestly say I was blown away. The packaging is sublime, the lipstick itself is creamy and the most gorgeous fire engine color…. Hands down my new go-to. Although it’s limited edition; so I need to take it easy. The single lipsticks are sold out, but you can buy a set with a compact still here

Bésame owner, designer and cosmetic historian Gabriela Hernandez is an icon herself! I would highly suggest looking at her whole line, and her blog on Marilyn Make-up !

I have yet to master the art of 5 shades, but I do like to use a liner, a few shades of red and top off with a gloss in the center of my lips.

I’m always looking to add to my collection, so leave your rouge recs below!

& MWAH* Beauties!

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