May 25th, 1953 and Marilyn was once again the cover girl for Life. But this time, she was joined by fellow Hollywood star Jane Russell.

With little over a month til the release of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, promotion was in full swing. And what a way to grab attention and get people excited for this film?!

The article itself focuses on the her role of Lorelei; the Diamond Grabber (played by the legend Carol Channing in the Broadway production) and the history of where this story came from.

Fun facts did you know…

  1. The movie is based on the 1925 novel (of the same name) by Anita Loos
  2. In 1928 it became a silent movie
  3. & in 1949 became a stage musical starring the great Carol Channing as Lorelei.

Without giving much away, they touch upon the costumes in the film. Which were designed by, surprise surprise; William Travilla who designed for 8 of Marilyn’s movies. The red dresses are just ONE of the costumes the ladies wear in the film, and the focus for today’s moment.

Monroe and Russell play best friends, and performing duo in the movie… so when it came to planning this weeks moment, I knew I had to feature my own Jane. My best friend, and performing partner; Federica. And it just so happens that she, too, is a brunette.

So the creating began…. quickly followed by a third reprise at the sewing machine.

With each sewing encore, I feel my confidence grow. And confidence was needed for this job!

Thanks to my mums advice and sewing expertise… I deconstructed an old top and dress to create my pattern. Two days later, everything was cut, and my dress was pinned and tacked to my body. If you walked around my apartment you’d think I had brought Tinkerbell to life with the amount of shimmery pixie dust sequins clinging to just about anything!

*** RANDOM SIDE NOTE: rhinestoning takes time. A lot of time. I had glued each individual rhinestone onto the wrap bracelets. They look cool; but I’ve made the note to myself that next time; just spend the money on Amazon. You will find other use for the rhinestones, and your hours lost!

A few final touches, and a wrong side split seam disaster later…. we were ready for action.

Even if my dresses are a knock off designer Travilla; I am one fierce fake and couldn’t wait til shoot day.

And before anyone mentions it… I know the headpieces are missing. But my patience has worn thin after building a showgirl tail for my Circus moment! Plus my inspo photos didn’t include them (phew!)

Feddy is an absolute natural in front of the camera. How she isn’t on Billboards all across the world is beyond me?! We snap each other regularly and laugh along the way, and this morning was no different. Giggles at sequins getting stuck to other sequins, our feet’s getting caught on the backdrop, and trying to make this one pose look elegant and fun in the a 6ft wide space.

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Not only is she a fellow international, my singing, shopping and drinking buddy… she’s my ride-or-die. We really are about to become the girls in the red dresses as we head to Maine to perform together this summer!

(Thank you Universe!)

Stay tuned because GPB’s is making a return next week.

Lastly… Living in New York City, I can safely say that Gentlemen don’t prefer blondes. They prefer anything that moves.

( But if anyone is in the market for a production or remake of this wonderful story; we are your two gals from Little Rock! )

Til next time Beauties!

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