“Gosh I’ve never seen so may men in my life!”

Tuesday February 16th to Friday February 19th 1954, mid-honeymoon, Marilyn spent the days performing for tens of thousands of US troops all across Korea.

It’s clear from reading interviews and watching clips the sheer excitement and joy she brought to these men. Many had yet to see her in a movie, but she was one of the most popular pin ups of the time; her nude calendar photo being one in particular. But she always said she was pleased to have her picture hanging in a place of honor.

Watch some fanatic clips of her performing below!

With her freshly bleached hair (I’m booked into the salon next week; YAY) a plum-purple beaded dress, two pearl bracelets, rhinestone hoops and gold spaghetti-strap heels… she took to the stage performing classics like “Diamonds are a girls best friend,” “Bye Bye Baby” and “Do It Again” which really drove the guys wild!

The dress is now owned by a private collector and was on show in Bendigo back in 2016. Click HERE to see more on that!

I had originally planned to shoot this weeks Moment at the Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park. I had scouted a similar beaded dress at the start of January, and got so excited to shoot! However most of late Jan and Feb in Manhattan has been covered in SNOW.

Although it was freezing and the ground, a bit snowy, back in 54’ Marilyn powered through in her skin tight sparkly dress. Needless to say; the snow is still feet above the ground here in New York: I’m brave, but I don’t think my heels would have made it in the snow! I really tried to hold out for things to change; and for the sun to appear and melt the ice, but I think I’ll need a few more weeks! I would still love to make that shoot happen so maybe there’s a part 2 in store!

For today; a white backdrop and my ring light with have to do. I was blasting the songs she sang in her set, and had SO. MUCH. FUN!

Getting ready made me feel like I had an actual performance beginning in 10. (“Thank-you beginners.”)

I cannot wait to take to the stage and perform, in real time, with other humans again. There is no feeling like it.

Staying positive for 2021 beauties!


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