February 1954, two weeks married, Monroe & DiMaggio started their journey to Japan to honeymoon.

“How would you like to visit Korea for a few days and entertain the American troops currently stationed in Seoul as part of the UN occupation force?” DiMaggio already had some work planned during their trip and politely declined, even though the question was actually for Marilyn.

“I’d love to do it, what do you think Joe?”

“Go ahead if you want. It’s your honeymoon.”

The arrival at Tokyo airport was overwhelmed with fans and press, who were predicted for DiMaggio but actually just wanted a glimpse of the blonde bombshell!

I try to make these weekly moments relative to something that occurred on the same day (in history of course) and after researching February events and magazines I came across these photos.

Marilyn’s style is definitely something that continues to pull me back to her. This outfit is so simple; yet so classy & chic. A timeless look that wouldn’t feel “costumey” today.

With the help of a H&M pencil skirt, a thrifted “Ann Klein” suit jacket and some beautiful bronze buttons from the garment district I wound up with a pretty close match. And only $40 out of pocket.

The jacket needs some alterations, but it will do for now. As life isn’t presenting many opportunities to dress up, this is definitely a look I will be keeping tabs on for when the world has healed.

When I’m indoors shooting: I usually have this blue screen up. Slightly trickier when it’s full body shots … as you can see! (+ peep my clicker!)

I’m excited to share some more looks and collaborations with you all.

Stay well beauties,


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