Newlywed to baseball’s JoltinJoe, Marilyn Monroe Productions officially launched, and a mentorship with Lee Strasberg about to begin. It was quite the start of 1955.

This is usually the time when resolutions start to fade away. We find ourselves giving in to change, and staying safe in the comfort of habit. In honesty, I had January goals that just aren’t going to happen. But I can confidently say I have been taking active steps towards them. And that is the most important thing to ackowledge.
It’s the little wins that matter most.

This week’s moment is inspired by a series of photos taken on January 26th, 1955, during an interview Marilyn was having at her new home: The Gladstone Hotel.

Hours of research still left me at a dead end. The specifics of the actual interview are still a mystery, yet i still find the photos fascinating. Can you see the extra twinkle in her eyes? I’d like to believe she was hopeful for this year, and happy things were falling into place. After putting her foot down in Hollywood, basically asking for a little more respect, she turned to New York for just that. Respect as an actress, and a human.

If you’ve ever walked the streets of a normal New York, you’ll know everyone is going about their own business. (At ten times the speed of the many wandering tourists.) As much as I believe in staying in the present moment, the NYC hustle will keep your focus blind-sighted on where you need to go, if you could squeeze in a coffee before the downtown train arrives, and still be on time for your next appointment!
“Sorry, the A was running local.”
Marilyn knew that she could camouflage easier in the city streets, and get to work on honing her craft as a serious actress.

I miss the glamour of get-aways, the fun of unpacking your things in a hotel room. Needless to say, these snaps were thrown together in my temporary room. Not as glamorous, but left me adding “mini get-away” on my 2021 bucket list.

Whatever this interview was about; there is no doubt she left the press like a good first date: excited and longing for more.

Take note of your small wins in January, beauties!


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