If you’re familiar with self-tapes, you’ve probably used that phrase more times than you dare to remember. It’s easy to trip over your words at the best of times, but when you’re alone with a ring light and iPhone staring at you… let’s start again!

February 9th, 1953. Marilyn was presented with the Photoplay Fastest Rising Star Award. You can see from this clip, even at the top, you sometimes still need to start again.

Wearing a striking Gold Lame Dress designed by William Travilla, who designed for Monroe in so many of films (including the famous ivory ‘subway scene’ dress in The Seven Year Itch!) I decided to set myself a weekend challenge; MAKE THAT DRESS.

Living in Manhattan, I have the absolute privilege of many things, including the garment district. A brisk walk downtown, and many fabric stores later I had almost given up, and ready to return to plan B. I walked into one final store, and right in front of me stood the pleated gold fabric I had been hoping for!

And so it began. Pattern searching, adapting and cutting, the basis of this dress had been formed.

It’s been years since I’ve made anything; repairing buttons is about as lavish as it gets. And any seamstress skills I may posses, I have to hand to my mother; who is a genius with a sewing machine.

Let’s start again was again a common phrase I had muttered to myself over the next day. The bodice came on and off, the skirt needed altering countless times; but it finally came together.

I can confidently say I’ll pick sticking to performing, and not dress making.

However I made my deadline and all things considered, I’m pretty proud of myself. Is this award-ceremony ready? No. But It will work for my ring light and iPhone.

Start again when you need to beauties!


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