Can you believe we are already a month into spring? The temperature’s rising and I have been able to leave my apartment without a coat. Which can only mean one thing… dress season is almost here!

I have been waiting since February to show off this weeks moment. I confess, I have too many ‘favorite’ looks of Marilyn’s, but this has always been in my top casual looks.

This series of photos by Sam Shaw was captured in August 1957 with her second husband, Arthur Miller. Let’s talk dress. Baby blue on a blonde is always a win, but the soft polka dots and length reflect the child-like, free and happy Norma Jeane that hid behind MM. It’s a timeless silhouette, that could be dressed up or down, and I have spent years searching stores for something similar. But nothing… until now. And even if the original photos were taken in the heat of summer, I just couldn’t wait til August to show off this beauty!

October Eighteen is a slow fashion, independent brand based in Hong Kong. Brenda, the owner, designer and executive and I connected earlier this year (thank you Instagram!) and made me this beautiful MM inspired sun dress. I mean, come on, they look identical. A dream, literally, come true.

I have never been so excited to receive a dress. And if you’re thinking, but “ordering from Hong Kong is far? It must take months!” I swear this woman is magic; within a week we had gone from discussing a dress, to it being in my hands?!

AND this was back in February, when all it seemed to do outside was snow. Luckily that didn’t slow down the mail man! I couldn’t wait for the spring to appear so I could prance around Manhattan in this gem!

Fast forward to April, and prance I did. The sun was shining; it was a perfect day to swan around Central Park. Along the way, I was stopped multiple times and complimented! I felt like I was floating on air!

Is this dress vintage inspired? Yes. But 100% wearable today without feeling “costumey.”

The Bramble was the perfect area of Central Park to recreate this moment. And even though we chose a remote path, as soon as it was time to shoot, everyone human and their dog from the state of New York decided to walk that path!

If you’re thinking “but I want the dress too?!” Don’t worry Veruca Salt, you can purchase your own Monroe Dress HERE & if you are a lover of pretty dresses, I would highly recommend you check out the whole collection (click the image below.)

Brenda is a superstar; creating a sustainable fashion brand with timeless pieces, that are high quality and made with love. I promise you, if you are a dress girl, you will want them all!

Thank you Brenda for making me feel super beautiful.

Stay well beauties!


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