with a hunger for all things M O N R O E, 1950’s and Old Hollywood Glam! (Oh & a healthy obsession with Musicals.)

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With the start of a new year, and hopefully the start of another roaring 20’s (until then, please keep wearing your masks) I wanted to take my 2020 fall fun, and give it a more solid home.

A quick (ish) recap. I spent a long weekend in September, after the summer sun of New York City started to swan off, binge watching Marilyn movies. As i finished watching Let’s Make Love, I quickly turned my attention to fact searching, and realized it had been 60 years, to the day, since LML was released.

With time to kill, and an excuse to take off the athleisure wear, I put my best foot forward and gave my best… Lolita.

And I was super surprised with the reaction. I had initially posted to recommend the film (it’s a tad cheesy but totally loveable and definitely worth a watch,) but many kind words later & a few nudges from friends… the moments began!

It just so happened that the following Tuesday (Sept 16) was another landmark date. The “Subway Scene” from The Seven Year Itch. You know… the one where that infamous white dress blew, and would cement Marilyn’s Icon status that continues to this day?! Living in Manhattan, I knew this was a nudge from the universe. Lexington & 52nd was minutes away. So that Tuesday morning I set my curls, and, with the help of two of my best Judy’s, recreated the second moment…

By far my most ‘successful’ post on IG, ever. T H A N K Y O U!

3 months later, and here we are. The age of Aquarius, a new president, the first female, and WOMAN OF COLOR VP, and hope on the horizon of recovery from the global pandemic. So all the good feels gave me the courage to take a leap of faith and begin this.

Let me be clear; my goal is not to become a Monroe Look-a-like. Even though my nan did question if my agent would be sending me on jobs as her!? Make-up, hair & manner can really transform most caucasian women to form a resemblance. (But boy, would I jump at the chance to play her in a show, especially Bombshell, team Ivy!)

I have always been a 50’s girl stuck in a modern world. A fan of Monroe, and genuinely prefer blonde.

So I want to share fun photos and dates that come about, classic Hollywood beauty tips and tricks, and ways to add a touch of vintage glamour into our modern age roaring twenties

If you didn’t catch 1-15. I’ll leave links at the click of each caption below. (It seems WordPress has yet to add clickable image links! )

If you’re still here, thank you.

I’d appreciate your support by following and sharing this with any friends/family you feel would enjoy this.

And if there’s anything you’d like to see, leave me a comment!

For now, stay mind-body-soul healthy beauties!